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Run Mazaika Wizard - Use Mazaika Wizard to perform most common tasks like Create a new library, Create and render new project and Save mosaic project as image file.

Manual tiles mode - This option allows you to
manually modify any single cell of the mosaic. For this purpose you may use tiles already in the library or any images from your computer.

Mosaic all - This option will start to
render from top left cell down to the right bottom cell.

Random mosaic - This option will start to
render the mosaic in random order.

Smart mosaic - This option will start to
render the mosaic beginning from the most essential parts of the main theme image.

Note: If more then one tile of the mosaic were selected only selected tiles will be rendered.

Stop mosaic process - This option will stop the mosaic process. Active only while render process is running.

Advanced features (Active only in fully registered version)

Batch mosaic - This option will bring up the
Batch mosaic screen.

Last Mosaic Info... - Short summary of the last used rendered settings. This option is active after the rendering process was completed.

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