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Erase cell - The Erase cell function removes already rendered cell i.e. erased cell would be not rendered.

Select all - Use this function to select all cells of the mosaic.

Select Cells... - Here you may select a rectangle region of mosaic by entering selection dimensions. This function is handy when you want to render some special region with particular library. Also you may want to export specific part of mosaic into image file.

Indeed, you may select a region with dragging mouse, but it may be difficult, especial when you work with large mosaic and/or need to keep precise selection sizes.

Unselect all - Use this to unselect all selected cells.

Erase selection - This function removes all already rendered cells that were selected i.e. all selected cells would be not rendered.

Special erasing - This function removes already rendered cells according few simple patterns. You may erase horizontal or vertical lines or every second tile as in a check board. It may be useful when you want to use the different library to re render erased tiles. E.g. you may fill all odd columns with cat photos and even columns with dog's pictures.

Erase all cells - This will erased all rendered cells, as a result the whole mosaic will be unrendered.

Mosaic Mask Tool - This option will bring up the Mosaic Mask Tool window. When Mosaic Mask Tool window  is visible program will renders only tiles that are selected for rendering.

Library inspector - This option will bring up the
Library inspector screen.

Preferences - This option will bring up the
Preferences screen

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