Output mosaic formats

Mazaika has a great variety of exporting options. By pressing Save type button at Output mosaic setup screen you may select one of these variants:

File format menu

Some particular file formats may have additional options. 

Save type jpeg

*.JPG - Loss of compressed image file format. You may select Jpeg quality. Bigger quality number means low compression and larger file size. Please note that Jpg file format is limited by
30,000 x 30,000 pixels. This is internal file format limit. 

Jpg is the only one option accessed from free trial version of Mazaika.

With full registered version you also can save mosaic as:

Save type - Tiff
*.TIF - Recommended loss-less image format for large images, up to 30,000 x 30,000 pixels. Again it is a limits of Tiff file format itself.

Save type - BMP
*.BMP - Loss-less image format.
up to 30,000 x 30,000 pixels.

Save type - PSB
*.PSB - Photoshop Large Document Format, a special Adobe Photoshop file format for very large images. You need Adobe Photoshop CS2 (or later) to be able to open it.

PSB file format is the only file format that supports images larger than 30,000 pixels over longer side.
PSB files can be up to 300,000 x 300,000 pixels.

If you need larger file, you may print it as a series of collated pages or as zoomable web page.

Also you may save a large mosaic as a collated pages sequence. Every page will be saved as a separate .TIF file.

Your image will be saved as a sequence of collated .tif files. You will be able to set up a number of horizontal and vertical pages that you want to divide your mosaic to.

Output setup screen collated pages

You will be asked for generic filename for the sequence. Files will be saved with this file name plus <col><row> postfix.

Save type - image sequence
Image sequence - Tiles are saved as sequence of *.BMP images. If color correction of tiles is enabled, Mazaika will save color corrected tiles.

Save type - plain text
*.TXT - Text list of images. Only filenames are saved as a delimited text file to use as a map for making a mosaic from real objects.

Save type - html table

HTML Table - Mosaic saved as simple clickable html table. Thumbs and large images that was used as a tiles are copied to different subfolders.

Save type - zoomable web page
Zoomable Image - Generate a huge interactive zoom and pan mosaics to view online or offline. There are some special versions of Mazaika that allows you few different variants of this pages with different design and functionality. See details here.

Save type Mazaika Project File
Mazaika Project file (*.mazprj) - Sometimes you may need to re-save the project file. This option allows you to save only selected part of the opened project. Also here you may set the size of stored thub pictures. Thumb size at the exported(saved) project will be the same as the size of single cell at this panel.
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