Zoomable Images

Mazaika can generate very large images. You may try to open and view them in common used image viewers but usually it is not very comfortable.

Zoomable Image export gives you the best way to view these pictures in all details.

It generates and exports an image folder contained a specially prepared image data and makes a special HTML page that can be opened in any modern browser. On this page you may view, zoom and pan the image, explore it's smallest details, view different regions of the image.

This HTML page and image folder can be used both locally and online.

You may copy them on thumb drive or external hard disk, write them on DVD and view the image from there. Alternatively you may copy HTML page and image folder to web server and show your works to the people all around the world. There are many examples of these Zoomable Images at our site Mazaika.com.

There are different "viewers" that can display these images. We use an open source Leaflet JS Library with TileLayer.Zoomify plugin. You may use another viewers, for example the export file format is fully compatible with Zoomify viewer.

Online Zoomable Images allow you to make very interactive web pages where user can search for images and view some additional information. For example see Scars of Dracula Photo Mosaic at our site. Please contact us for more information.

Zoomable Images are good for on screen display only. You can not print them. If you intend to print your huge image you need to export it into .psb, .jpg or .tiff file formats.

Please remember that it is only .psb format that is good for saving images larger than 30,000 pixels over longest side. Most of other file formats, include .jpg, .tiff, ..bmp have 30,000 pixels limit.
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