Source image setup menu

Source image setup menu

Menu Image

Open file...
This option allows you to open an image file that you want to use as a mosaic main theme.

Paste from clipboard
This option allows you to paste previously copied image. For example you may copy an image from  an open Internet page using your MS Internet Explorer and paste it into Mazaika.

Save whole image as...
This option will bring up the Save As dialogue.

Save selection only as...
This option will bring up the Save As dialogue to save selected part of image only. It can be very useful if you intending to make some "post-production" modifications like blending or merging mosaic with it's original image using third party image editors like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp.

Menu Edit

Select maximum area
This function will expand your current selection to the maximum possible area over the opened source image.

Menu Actions

Apply to mosaic
This function makes a new mosaic project using the current opened source image, current tile library and current selection area. You will be prompted to save this project. If the project would be saved it would be opened in the Mazaika main screen.

Use Cancel option to exit Source image setup with no modifications.

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