Statistic screen

Select from Menu View - Show Mosaic Statistic
or use this Quick Button:
Show Statistic Screen.

Statistic Screen:

Statistic screen

Here you may see a statistic data for current mosaic project.

Also you may export comma delimited text file that can be useful for assembling mosaic from separate images or real objects.

First column is image usage count.
Second column is file name.
Third column is a row in mosaic where the image is located
Fourth column is a column in mosaic where the image is located
If there are several occurrences of the same image it is only first occurrence that shown in Row/Col columns. Other locations are listed in a special table below the picture preview.

When you select a row in the statistic table the mosaic in main program screen "jumps" and selects the mentioned cell.

You may click on table header to sort the table by appropriate column.

To export statistic information use "Export" button.

Below is an example of the file.

"1" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00017502.jpg" , "21x33 "
"3" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00017503.jpg" , "12x14 14x2 19x16 "
"3" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00017529.jpg" , "2x18 7x27 16x33 "
"1" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00017550.jpg" , "9x26 "
"3" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00017602.jpg" , "1x18 6x29 14x31 "
"3" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00017636.jpg" , "3x18 12x22 14x29 "
"1" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00017653.jpg" , "12x28 "

For example the line:

"3" , "/Users/bg/Mazaika-Sets/Fauna/Birds/00017529.jpg" , "2x18 7x27 16x33 "

means: image "00017529.jpg" used 3 times at positions row:2 col:18, row:7 col:27, row:16 col:33

You may export statistic information into text file directly (omitting to show this statistic window)
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