Use All Pics - Rendering Option

If you make rendering with Use All Pics option enabled Mazaika will scan current library starting from the first image and will place all library images into most suitable position in mosaic. When all images in library are placed in mosaic program will fills empty cells that were left with duplicated images from the same library.

This feature is not enabled by default. For initial activation please go to Preferences screen (menu Edit - Preferences), select Advanced tab, check Show <Use All Pics> control checkbox and press Save button to save your settings.

Now you will see Use All Pics checkbox at the left of the main program screen.

When Use All Pics checkbox is visible and checked Use all pics rendering option is active and will takes effect on rendering process when you are starting mosaic render.

When Use All Pics checkbox is not checked or when it is not visible the rendering engine works as usual and only best matching library images are in use.

Use All Pics option is not general recommended. We think that it is useful in only one particular situation.

Small library and big mosaic.

When you have big mosaic and smaller library and want to be sure that all library images are included into mosaic Use All Pics option will give you a great help!

For example when you are making 100 x 100 mosaic having only 1000 images in the library you may enable Use All Pics option. At the beginning of rendering Mazaika will distribute all 1000 library images over the most suitable mosaic cells and after that it fills gaps with best suitable images from the same library.

Two other cases are not suitable for using  Use All Pics option.

Big library and small mosaic.

This option absolutely not suitable when you make small mosaic with big library.

Let's suppose that you want to make 10 x 10 mosaic and have 1000 images in the library. With normal rendering program would choose only 1/10 of best suited images and you have all chances to make wonderful masterpiece. If you enable Use All Pics option there will be very bad and wrong situation. Despite the fact that program has enough tiles to choose from, you force the program to use only first 100 images in library.

Please don't use  Use All Pics option in case of big library and small mosaic.

Mosaic and library of the same size.

For example you want to make 10 x 10 mosaic and have 100 images. In this case it will be equal as if you simple set repetition parameter to 1. All 100 images will be used. Last images in the library will be poorly placed because of image mismatching.

We don't recommend to use Use All Pics option in this case. We think that in this case you had to use Smart Render mode with no Use All Pics option. It will give you more chances for better tile distribution.
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