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Dove of Peace: 3.84 Gb Photo Mosaic Example

37,800 x 36,450 pixels mosaic example. File size in BMP format is 3.84 GB (i.e. 4,037 MB) There are 70 columns and 90 rows in the mosaic. Single tile size is 540 x 405 pixels.

Mosaic details:

This is the famous stained glass Dove of Peace in St. Peter's Basilica. I took photo used as the main image while visiting Rome. Corel Photo ClipArt image collection was used as tiles. To avoid any image distortion only landscape oriented pictures were used. 24,000+ different images were used as a library for this mosaic.

Mazaika settings that were used:

  • Flips usage: Original images only
    Mazaika can use any tile as it is only.

  • Tile Repetitions: 5
    There are repeated tiles. Each tile was used only 5 times or less.

  • Tile Distance: 15
    The distance between the repeated tiles is 15 tiles or more.

  • Blend percent: 0
    There is no blending with the original image. Tile colors are the same as were in the original collection.

  • Mosaic Size: 70 x 90 tiles

  • Output Size: 37,800 x 36,450 pixels

  • File Size: 3.84 GB (4,037 MB)

Possible Printed Size:

    126" x 121" (3.20 x 3.08 m) poster at 300 dpi.
    252" x 243" (6.40 x 6.17 m) poster at 150 dpi
    (If you will find a program that can open and print this HUGE file indeed.)