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Scars of Dracula, online photo mosaic
	Search cells in mosaic.

Scars of Dracula Online photo mosaic. Interactive search cells by movie names.

33 Gigapixel Photo Mosaic,
	Queen Elizabeth's giant mosaic

World's Biggest Mosaic: 33 Gigapixel Photo Mosaic

Mosaics made from visitor submitted photos

Photo mosaic software Mazaika can be used for creating interactive mosaic composed from visitor submitted photos. This form of a mosaic is great for running advertisement campaigns, charity funds, community team buildings and so on.

We have a special version of Mazaika that can be running from a command line. This version of Mazaika has been used as a platform for the creation of these interactive online mosaic sites. If you interested in this special command line version of Mazaika, please contact us.

How it works:

Mazaika generates a list of images. This list can be easy parsed and converted into javascript based interactive mosaic.

Every few hours or once or twice a day, your server runs a script that generates and updates interactive mosaic on your site. As far as a number of visitor's images grows, a better mosaic is generated. Your script may change different mosaic settings, like tile repetition or color correction level, according to your growing tile collection size.

Below are two examples of these sites. Their web programmers used Mazaika as a photo mosaic platform to create these very impressive projects:

Clinique Happy Moments campaign mosaic

© Highedge, Inc.

Interactive Mosaic site for Adam Graves tribute event at Madison Square Garden

© New York Rangers and
the National Hockey League.