Library inspector

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Library inspector

The top line is a name of the current library:

Second line is like that:
2000 (HVR) rec. (YCC) 3/4 - 6/6

This means:

2000 - number of original (
not flipped) images in the library.
(HVR) - names of possible flips already present in the base where:

  H - horizontal flip
  V - vertical flip
  R - 180° rotated

(YCC) - color mode used for this library.

3/4 - height/width aspect ratio of tile.
6/6 - sampling of the tile.

In the grid at the right you may see your library images. To get
larger preview of any tile - right click on the image and choose Show file option.

Other option of the same popup is to mark for delete (or restore marked) tile.
Also you may to toggle deleted mark by pressing Del keyboard key when grid is active.

Marked tile records could be removed from the library with Remove deleted tiles button.

Append images from folder... button will bring up a
New library screen where you can select a new root folder that contain pictures that you like to append.

Note: You can't change tile color mode, aspect ratio and sampling values in the append dialogue. These values should be the same as in initial base.
Note: You may change thumbnail width and quality, file extensions and crop/margin options.

Clean double Path+Name button will clean your library from duplicated images with same Name + Path.

Tip: This feature is useful if you have append two times from the same folder.

Export Not Used Tiles - this will asks you for a new library file name and will exports library records that were not used in currently opened and rendered project into a new file. If your project is not rendered, it will exports all library tiles into the new file. If all library tiles were already used for rendering, the new file will be empty.

Remove deleted tiles button will pack library and remove tiles marked as deleted from it.
Note: It is only library reference to the image that will be deleted. Your original image file will not be changed.

Add flips button - press it to add all possible flips to the base at once.

Remove flips button - press it to remove all possible flips from the base i.e. leave only images in the original (not flipped orientation).

Resample library button - press it to
resample library.

Make mosaic from library

This feature allow you to view all images from the library as a mosaic. It will create project from the current library that could be
saved as a mosaic image.

Columns - set how many columns you like in mosaic (Rows will be auto setted).

Rows - set how many rows you like in mosaic (Columns will be auto setted).

You may set following image order in the mosaic:

as is - images in order as in the library at the moment of creation .
by file path and name - images in order of drives/folders/subfolders/filenames.
by file name only - images in order of filenames (not regarding drives/folders/subfolders).
by color difference with sample  - images in order of color similarity to a sample color. To set the sample color click on the color rectangle.

by color hue:
Sort library by color hue

by color saturation:
Sort library by color saturation

by color lightness:
Sort library by color lightness

To create mosaic project - press Create button.

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