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Mosaic mask tool

When the Mosaic Mask Tool is visible the program use it as a rendering sequence map (both in normal rendering and forced rendering modes)

Sometimes it is a good idea to set an order of mosaic rendering. For example, if you want to render mosaic with minimal tile repetition, you may want to render most important areas of the images at the beginning, while there are many tiles in the library, and use remaining tiles for less significant areas of image. At the screenshot beside, we set primary rendering order to eyes, nose and mouth, secondary order for remaining face area, and at the end the program set to render background.

You may set up up to ten sequence regions that will be rendered one by one.

To set a Rendering Sequence order, simple paint a region with corresponded color. Use Brush Size slider to adjust painting tool.

If you paint a region with Don't Render color, the region will not be rendered, that is it's cells will not be replaces with tile images.

All cells painted with the same color rendered together. Rendering order within one color is the same as defined in the Render modes preference.

Beside Rendering order colors there are Rand checkboxes. If you check this checkbox, cells painted with this color will be rendered in Random Mosaic Mode. This is useful when you render plain colored images.

Clear All - fills all cells with Don't Render color.
Fill All - fills all cells with currently selected color.
Fill Empty - fills cells painted with Don't Render color with currently selected color.
Clear Current - fills cells painted with currently selected color with with Don't Render color.
Clear Other - fills cells NOT painted with currently selected color with with Don't Render color.

Save - you may save Mosaic Mask as a file and re-use it.
Load - use this option to open previous saved mask.

To use Mosaic Mask Tool, this panel must be opened and visible when you starting rendering.

Using View Transparency slider below the image you may change transparency level of sequence map. This is for better viewing only.

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