Forced library

Select from  Menu - Mosaic - Manual tiles mode
or use this Quick Button
Manual tiles button.

Select Forced library tab.

Manual mode - Forced library tab

There is a situation: you want to make a mosaic for your office boss.

You have collection of 1000+ digital images with different office views, buildings, office desks, parking lots, and also you have 104 senior office leadership photo.

You know that to produce a good mosaic you should use as many different tiles as you can. And you also know that all these 104 senior office leadership photo must be in the mosaic. If you'll forget even one of these faces your boss would be angry and will fire you!

Here is a solution:

Create two libraries with same settings:
A large one from 1000+ different digital images and
A small one from 104 senior office leadership photo.

Go to Forced tiles tab on the
Manual tiles screen.

Open Small library with the  Open base  button, then press the  Replace all  button. All images from your Small library will be placed into the mosaic.

Then close the base and close the  Manual tiles  screen.

Make sure that the  Fix custom  checkbox is on and render mosaic as usual using the Large library.

When you are finished, you'll get mosaic with all your 104 senior office leadership in the best suited position and rest of the tiles will be rendered with other different photos.

Tip 1:
You may select an area of the mosaic where you want to insert forced tiles. Simply select the area in the main screen by mouse drag over the image before press Replace all button. If Inv select checker on the Main Screen is ON then forced tiles will be inserted outside of the selection.

Tip 2:
If you want to insert the forced tiles into some specific region only you can use
Mosaic Mask Tool to select the needed region.

Note 1:
If there are more tiles indexed in your "Force" base then needed to compile mosaic - only top the needed number of tiles that will be used - i.e. if you want to make the mosaic 10 x 10 = 100 tiles and indexed 150 tiles only the first 100 tiles would be used.

Note 2:
The result of this "force replacing" of tiles does not look as accurate as normal rendering. And is much slower.

As in the example above - if you want make a 10 x 10 mosaic from 100 library - it would be better if you render in normal way with repetition set to 1.

BUT if you want to make a 20 x 20 the mosaic and have 1000 different tiles, 100 of them "MUST BE" in the mosaic and the remaining 900 "MAY BE" in this new feature. This will give you good results.

To preview tile rightclick on the image and choose Show file option. Current images will be shown in the new
popup preview window.

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