Step-by-step: Create mosaic

Step-by-step: How to Create mosaic:

1 - Menu - File - Open Library...(If the Library is already open - you may omit this step).
2 - Menu - File - Open source image..., Find an image you want to mosaic and press open it.
3 - Set X and Y tiles number you want. You'll see area that would be converted to mosaic. You may modify/resize this area using mouse or using arrow keyboard keys. To expand mosaic area to maximum press Max button.
4 - Press Apply button and save a project file (*.mzp).
5 - When you will see your image in the main program screen select from Menu - Mosaic - Smart mosaic.
6 - When image will be mosaiced select from Menu - File - Save - project. This will save rendered Mazaika project.

Step-by-step: Create mosaic.

Now you're ready to save mosaic as image file (See Next Step).

Below is a bit more detailed description of the same process.

First of all - open an existing tile library or create a new one.

Next, select a target image and divide it into cells.

Hit the Open source image.
button or select Open source image  from the File menu.

When you see your source image in the
Source image setup window, select the number of columns and rows that you want.

You may move and resize selected area of the source image with mouse or keyboard.

When the area of the image that you want to mosaic will be selected, press  Apply  button. Program will ask you to save Mazaika project file (*.mzp). After the project is saved you will see your source image in the main program screen.

To start rendering select
Mosaic - Mosaic All,
Mosaic - Random mosaic or
Mosaic - Smart mosaic 
from the Mosaic menu.

Or you may press Render mosaic button -Render mosaic button.

Render mosaic button will start rendering in a default
render mode.
You may change default render mode in the
Preferences screen.

To render only a part of source image you may select cells on the main screen or use
Mosaic Mask Tool

If more then one cell is selected and Inv select checkbox is not checked then only selected cells would be rendered.

If Inv select checkbox is checked then only not selected cells would be rendered.

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