Select from menu Menu File - Export Image to File...

Export Big Image.

Units - You may choose Pixels, Inches or Centimeters as a mosaic size units.

DPI (Resolution) - You need to set this value to allow the program to convert pixels units into inches or centimeters.

Width and Height - You have to set one of these values, the other will be calculated automatically.

Export Empty Layers - Uncheck this option to omit layers that don't have embedded image. In other words, layers with placeholder image will not be drawn on exported image.

Enhanced - In this box you see general information about used colour correction. To enable, disable or change correction settings please use blend and correction controls at the main screen. I.e. you need to close this screen, edit enhanced settings and activate this screen again.

Color enhance options allow you to change the colors of your layers to improve the final output. Sometimes this is the only way to get good looking mosaic, especially when mosaic was made using limited count of tiles in the library.  You can use Color correction simultaneously with Blending to get excellent results. Try playing with different values.

The Color correction option "shifts" the colors in a layer to match the average colors of the same area in the background. This is a similar procedure to correcting the "white balance" of an image that you may have seen in other graphics programs. For example, it may make the layer seem more blue, if the underlying area is quite blue. When a high percentage of correction is used, you may lose some details from the
layer image (especially in very dark or very bright areas), but generally this method is very effective, and can be quite subtle, even for values of 50% and upwards.

Blend tile color option blends the output mosaic with the sampled version of the original main theme image. At low values (between 0 and 25%), this can drastically improve the final output image without it being too obvious that you have cheated. Above 30% the detail in the tiles begins to be lost in favor of the original image. This option can work extremely well between 10% and 20% especially when combined with a Color correction of between 20% to 50%

JPEG/TIFF/PSB/Zoomable Image/ File format - Here you may select a preferable image file format for saving.

There are five options:

JPEG - This is commonly used loss-compressed file format.

- This is commonly used non-compressed file format.

TIFF with Transparent Background
- This will exports layers only over transparent background.

- This is a special Adobe Photoshop Large Document file format. This is the only file format that allows images more than 30,000 pixels on longest side. If you need to export a really huge image your only choice is PSB file format. Note: to open PSB file you need Photoshop CS2 or later. PSB image is limited by 300,000 pixels on longest side

Zoomable Image
- This is a perfect option for display large images on computer screen. Exported zoomable image can be viewed with any modern browser. It can be viewed both on local computers and by network. You may upload this image on your site to display your artwork online. Zoomable Image has no limit for image size. Note: Zoomable image is for on-screen display only. You can not print it with high resolution. Please see Zoomable Image for more details.

Save to file - Press this button to select a file name and start saving.  It may take up to a few minutes to save large mosaics. Speed depends on file format, tile count, tile size and additional options you choose.

Stop - Press this button to stop the saving process at any time.

Note:  The output file will be created on your hard drive at the very beginning of save process. This means that if you will stop the process in the middle you will get a half rendered file that you have to delete manually.

Reveal saved file in Finder - use this button to easy find your saved file in Finder.

Close - Use this button to close the Output mosaic setup screen.