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PhotoJumble: Fractal Layers mosaic

This dialogue will help you to create mosaic image made from different sized tiles. You will be able to assign larger tiles to most simple or not meaningful areas of the image and place smaller tiles into the important areas. This way you will be able to make visible even smallest significant details. See small example here.

PhotoJumble: Add Fractal Layers panel

Add Fractal Layers panel controls:

Mosaic cell aspect ratio - Please select the tile aspect ratio that you want to use for layers. If the Mazaika image library is opened the program sets the same tile aspect ratio as it is in the library.

Top level mosaic cells - This is a numbers of columns and rows counted for largest size layers.

Low level cells: - To cover a significant area of the main image with smaller layers you should paint this area with specific color. There are three these colours:

x2 to divide every layer twice by height and twice by width. That is any layer placed over x2 colour paint with will be replaced by four "quarter-sized" subcells.

x4 divides every x2 cell into quarters.

x8 divides every x4 cell into quarters.

Please use Draw and Erase butons to activate a brush to paint over the main image.

All level Erase activates a brush that erases paint over all levels.

Erase All button erases paints over all image. That is all image will be covered with top level, biggest sized layers.

You may see layer division on the preview picture while you are painting.

Number of Layers number in this box shows a real number of layers that will be added.

Trim not covered areas - Layers are placed as an array of cells in the middle of the main image. If overall proportions of the main image and layer layout are different you'll get side areas of the image not covered with layers. If this option is active the program trims not covered parts of the image and as a result you are geting the image of same proportions as your layer layout fully covered with layers.

Apply - When layout for layers is ready - please press this button to actually add layers over the main image at the main screen.

Cancel - Exits this panel without adding layers.

Help - To activate this help page.