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Photo Jumble
An easy way to assemble multiple photos on one page.
Copyright (C) 2006-2018 by Boris A. Glazer.
All Rights Reserved

Photo Jumble can create mosaics and photo collages.

Compared with Image Mosaic Program
Mazaika - Photo Jumble uses a different approach to making collages. In Photo Jumble you can create collages with non regular, randomly placed, rotated and even non rectangular layers with different aspect ratios.

Photo Jumble allows you to create magnificent collages that look like an unordered pile of photos or objects viewed close up. It can also be used to easy create scrapbook type collages, index photo pages and so on...

You can use almost anything as tiles: photos, drawings, video frames, magazine/book/CD/LP/video covers, postcards, post stamps, etc...

The program places a different sized and rotated image layers over the source image.
Photo Jumble picture example

Unordered picture mosaic example
Non rectangular object mosaic example - Leaves
Non rectangular object mosaic example - Beer caps
Fractal mosaic example - Comic covers

System requirements:
Mac computer with Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

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