Thank you for using Mazaika-Video, video mosaic software package!

Mazaika-Video package

To make your own video mosaic you had to perform these steps:

1. Collect video footage that you want to use as a mosaic and convert it to .mzvclp format with MZVClp Converter application.

2. Make a library from your converted videos.

3. Select a good source image. Main theme for the mosaic.

4. Load main image into Mazaika-Video program, divide it into cells and render mosaic.

5. Export mosaic movie as a frame sequence. Each frame is a separate jpg image file.

6. Assemble the frames into one video file with Movie Assembler application.

7. If necessary do some postproduction: add sound, titles, transitions and so on with your favourite video editor like iMovie, Garage Band or others.