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Frame-A-Face - Intelligent Image Cropping System

Crop large batches of portraits in a matter of minutes. Reset the cropping parameters and export a second set of images with different cropping dimensions. Frame-A-Face was designed using artificial intelligence that locates each subject's face and applies a crop that you pre-defined. This software makes volume portrait cropping quick and easy for ID badges, passport photos, school pictures and yearbook photos. Download a free trial of Frame-A-Face at

Frame-A-Face and Image Mosaic Mazaika

Frame-A-Face was originally developed for high-volume youth portraits but can be applied to any large batch of images that needs uniform cropping. It is in use around the world in hospitals, at security companies, and at professional photo labs.

While the program's primary usage is to make neat consistent series of portraits it is very effective for preparing tile libraries for photo mosaics. In minutes you will split group photos into individual portraits. It's a very good way to make interesting tiles and increase the number of images in the collection.

You, indeed, may do the same manually but if you make photo mosaics on a regular basis and want to save some time, please think about advantages of Intelligent Image Cropping System Frame-A-Face