Vintage Christmas card collection

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Old Soviet Christmas card collection

This is a part of my postcard collection that we are using to make mosaics. More than 700 of my favorite Old Russian Soviet New Year greeting cards. Here you can see postcards of soviet era (1950 - 1990). You can find here pictures of soviet Santa - Ded Moroz. His daughter (or may be girlfriend) Snegurochka - snow girl. Soviet Xmas tree - Yolochka - with Russian Red Star on top. Snowman - Snegovik - made by soviet children - Oktyabryata. and many other funny creatures big and small.

Please see also 200+ vintage European Christmas greeting cards in gallery below.

Santa Claus in Space
Aerospace related collection of Xmas and New Year postcards. See as Santa Ded Moroz rides a space rocket Sputnik while small boys in the space suites send a New Year greetings to all people of the Earth.
In a picture at the left Santa steers three Soviet space vehicles at once - Vostok, Voshod, Souyz. All design very much reminds Pod Racers from the Star Wars. May be he goes to Tatooine? ;-)

4 pages. 60 cards.

See high resolution postcard collage:

Zoom and Pan Photo Jumble.
High resolution postcard collage.

150 Soviet New Year Card were scanned at high resolution especially for this beautiful collage. Photo Jumble software were used to assemble huge image. See Zoom and Pan version of collage here.

Russian Santa - Ded Moroz Merry Christmas Neujahrsgrusse
Russian Santa - Ded Moroz postcards.
14 pages. 200 cards.
Snegurochka - snow girl.
4 pages. 50 cards.
Snowman - Snegovik.
3 pages. 40 cards.
People celebrating. Happy children.
6 pages. 80 cards.
Funny creatures: Rabbits, Squirrells, Birds.
5 pages. 60 cards.
The most famous Russian Animal: Bear.
5 pages. 60 cards.
Clock - the Symbol of the New Year.
2 pages. 23 cards.
Decorated Moscow Cremlin and St.Petersburg streets.
4 pages. 48 cards.
Christmas decorations, Soviet Xmas tree - Yolochka.
8 pages. 110 cards.
Christmas, New Year and Santa postcards
from all around the world.
17 pages. 251 cards.

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We are always glad to help! Our postcard collection is one of the largest avilable Soviet New Year Card collection. Our card were used for publication in some books, magazines and web-sites. If you want to use some of these cards in your works such as calendars, posters, magazine articles or covers and so on, please contact us. We will be glad to help! Soviet New Year Card collection
was included in The Collectors Weekly Hall of Fame.