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The Body of Christ at All Saints' by Steve Grillo

Steve Grillo comments:

In my church, we have a very large stained-glass window representing Jesus. I used this as the main image and built the library of images from all sorts of parish life (event pictures, people, activities, etc...). It worked out very well - I called it "The Body of Christ at All Saints' ", and made large posters of it. The imagery for the parishioners was extremely strong, being able to see themselves making up the body of Christ. Kids LOVED looking around to see if they could find themselves, and many adults were moved by the image. From a distance, it's Jesus, and close-up, it's us. I wanted you to know how powerful a mosaic can be, AND how useful your software was. I can't tell you how many people have asked: "How long did it take you to do THAT?!?!". Thank you for Mazaika!

...Steve Grillo, USA



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© Steve Grillo,

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