Getting Started

Mazaika-Animation is add-on software to Mazaika program. This means that at first you need to use Mazaika for macOS to assemble a mosaic and save rendered mosaic project to .mzproj file. Your work with Mazaika-Animation starts when you have saved .mzproj file.

1 - Start Mazaika-Animation program and open .mzproj file. Open it with Open Mazaika Project... menu or simple drag and drop it into Mazaika-Animation window.

2 - Adjust animation parameters. Usually you may need to change duration of Fly-In sections, edit a list of cells that you want to show enlarged in zoom section of the movie and select animation segments that you want to include in the exported movie.

3 - Adjust resolution of the output video. It is simple. Just select the video size at Output Movie Tab.

4 - Start Export procedure by pressing Export button. Export procedure may takes some time. It depends from size of the mosaic and overall animation movie duration.

5 - Finish! You have complete h.264 encoded video file compatible with most of modern software or hardware video players.

Online Tutorial Page

Visit Online Mazaika-Animation Tutorial at our site for more workflow examples and other useful information.

Advanced Options

Opening Mazaika Project

If there is a large mosaic with lot of cells and made from large cell images it may takes an extra time to generate all layer pictures. While you are waiting the program is working in Draft Preview mode. In this mode you may adjust all animation parameters but you'll be unable to export mosaic movie. Export option is active when layers picture generation process is complete.

Output video resolution

The size (i.e. resolution) of output video can not be more than resolution of your computer display where the program is running. If you need higher resolution, please select higher display resolution of your computer or plug in external display with higher resolution and move Mazaika-Animation to that display.

Export procedure

If you purchased Commercial licence of Mazaika-Animation you have an option to save the movie as a sequence of separate video frames. This way you may use your favourite video editor to assemble the video or insert animation sequence to your existed video footage without extra decoding-encoding cycle.