Output Movie Tab

Here you can set up a size/resolution of the output video and add a text caption to it.

Video size - Select video output size from several "popular" video sizes.

Height, Width - You may enter video size manually here.

Alternatively, here you may directly enter Height and Width of video. Also you can manually resize video display window to set up the output size.

Note: The main idea of the program is to grab content of the video display window and write it into movie file. The size of this video display window is limited by your real computer display and by your graphic card hardware. Video display window can not have more resolution than your display. Usually you may plug in some some larger external display like HD/4K TV set or computer display and move video display window to that display. Alternatively you may try to change resolution of your built-in display. For example if you use any modern Retina Display MacBook you have an option to select "Scaled" resolution and set it for "More Space" that will give you much more display size.

Add Caption Check box - When checked it will overprint output video with custom text caption.

Caption Text - Type the text caption here.