Mazaika Project Tab

Open Mazaika Project File - Use this button to open existed Mazaika project .mzproj file. Alternatively you may drag and drop project file into program window or on program's icon in system dock.

Use corrections - You may use colour corrections to enhance mosaic view. It's quite safe to use corrections here because the program corrects only zoom out views, that is when the program displays whole mosaic it shows corrected mosaic, but when is shows zoomed-in mosaic or large flying layer it always displays un-corrected pictures.

Correction - Colour correction level percents. It can be from 1 to 100. Default value is 50%

Blending - Blending percent. It can be from 1 to 100. Default value is 30%

Note: These corrections requires additional calculations. If you intend to run the program in preview mode please be aware that layers movement can be not as smooth as the same with disabled Correction

Background colour - Here you may select a background colour.

Save One Frame - Use this button to save one single animation frame into Jpeg image file.

Large Pictures Loading Progress:

When you loading Mazaika project the program needs some time to generate images for layers. While these images are not ready you can not view or export full resolution video. Nevertheless, while you waiting for the loading process to complete, you may work with program in Draft preview mode to prepare and adjust animation parameters.