Mazaika-Animation Menu

About Mazaika-Animation - Display version and licence information

Registration... - Purchase the program online at

Check for Updates... - Check if update are available and install it.

Preferences... - Open Preferences panel.

Quit Mazaika-Animation - Exit the program.

File Menu

Open Mazaika Project... - Open Mazaika Project (.mzproj) file. These files are made with Mazaika program.

Export Movie... - Start Export movie into video file. The style of exported animation depends from currently active Animation Tab page. For example if you have Simple Fly-in Page active, it exports Simple Fly-in animation sequence and so on...

Show Last Saved File in Finder - Use this option to reveal your last saved movie file in Finder.

Animation Menu

Play/Stop Preview Animation - It start/stop to play animation corresponded with currently active Animation Tab page.

Loop - Enable/Disable loop playback.

Simple Fly-in Backward - Set backward playback for Simple Fly-in animation.

Controlled Fly-in Backward - Set backward playback for Controlled Fly-in animation.

The next two options don't have their button equivalents and can be activated from menu only:

Clean Color Correction - This will clean any colour correction from all animation layers. All images will be shown as they are.

Apply Color Correction - This will apply colour correction for all animation layers. All images will be corrected.

Note: These Color Correction options can be useful if you want to display animation running in real time. This way you may see color corrected mosaic even when running in “Draft Preview” mode.

Recalculate Initial Fly-in Position - Initial position of layers for Fly-In position is always random. You can use this option to change current layers positions to another random layout.

Help Menu

Mazaika-Animation Help - This will starts this application help.

Note: You always may press round button with question mark to activate relevant program help topic.

Getting Started - Open Getting Started help topic.

Online Tutorial Page - Visit Online Mazaika-Animation Tutorial at our site for more workflow examples and other useful information.

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