Output Video FPS (Frames per Second) - Select FPS for output video file.

Picture Size for Large Flying Layers (Pixels) - This is a size for pictures inserted to layers flied at foreground, shown "close" to viewer, visually large.

Picture Size for Small Flying Layers (Pixels) - This is a size for pictures inserted into flying layers when they are fly at a distance and seems "small".

Note 1: Usually higher picture resolution gives you better quality and poorer performance. Fortunately, normally, you don't need to set picture sizes too large because these are pictures for flying (means "moving") layers only and it is very hard to see smallest details of moving objects anyway. So you may quite safe select 300 or 400 pixels even if you intend to export Full HD video. And don't worry about large still images! When the program zooms, pans and stops over enlarged still mosaic cell the program uses to show original image instead of smaller stored in memory picture.

Note 2: Program uses your original images to generate smaller pictures stored in memory and to show it enlarged when show zoomed-in cells. This means that the program should have access to your original images that were used by Mazaika to make and render the mosaic project. Please don't remove or delete the original images after the Mazaika project was saved. If these images were located on any kind of external drive, please don't unmount that drive while you work with Mazaika-Animation.

Note 3: Depending of number of cells in your mosaic and size and format of the pictures that were used as tiles it may takes some time to open the Mazaika-Project. While the project is opening you may work with Mazaika-Animation in "Draft Preview" mode. That is the program shows layers in low resolution only. You need to wait until the program prepare layer pictures to see the high resolution animation and be able to export it into movie file.

At Project Opening Wait For Large Layers Loading - If you check this the program will not allow you to do anything until all layer images will be prepared.

Reset All Settings To Defaults... - This will reset all program parameter to their factory setting. It will asks a confirmation before reset.

Close - Close this Preferences panel.