New features

 New in Mazaika v.4.2

   Added automatic Check for Updates system.
   Added export to .TIF file with transparency. Not rendered cells can be set transparent.
   Interface improvements and optimization.

 New in Mazaika v.4.1

   Option to overprint Column and Row numbers
   Some interface improvements and optimization.

 New in Mazaika v.4.0

   Native both 32 and 64-bit application
   New Interface with visual styles
   New Statistic screen
   Updated Output mosaic setup screen
   Updated Mosaic Wizard

 New in Mazaika v.3.8

   New export option: Zoomable Image.
   Now you may generate huge interactive zoom and pan mosaics directly from Mazaika!
   See examples of these mosaics at our site.

   Some interface improvements and optimization.

 New in Mazaika v.3.7

  New Mosaic Mask screen with new functions for a fine control of rendering sequence.
  Interface improvements.

 New in Mazaika v.3.6

  Few Interface improvements.
  Selection of a rectangle region by entering the selection dimensions.
  Exporting not used library records into a new library.

 New in Mazaika v.3.5

  New Preview tile screen allows you manually crop or edit cell images.
  Interface improvements.

 New in Mazaika v.3.4

  New Library dialogue allows so select multiple root folders.
  Few  interface improvements.

 New in Mazaika v.3.3

  Open/Save dialogue boxes with Project/Library preview.
  Improved Forced library option. It's much faster now.
  New rendering option Use All Pics.

 New in Mazaika v.3.2

  Saving as Photoshop Large Document Format (*.psb) added.
  (Adobe Photoshop file format for very large images.)
  Saving a large mosaic as a collated pages sequence.

 New in Mazaika v.3.1

  Mosaic Mask Tool allows you to render only selected regions.
  MS Windows Vista (R) compatible Context help system.

 New in Mazaika v.3.0

  Real time  color correction and blending in the main screen.
Forced library feature.
  Statistic of different tile images used in mosaic.

  An option to open mosaic image after saving.

 New in Mazaika v.2.7

  Option to Correct Tile Colors.
  Option to Sharpen Tiles in mosaic.
  New save procedure allows you to save a really huge files (10Gb and more .tif or .bmp files).

 New in Mazaika v.2.4

  Library inspector screen added.
  Option to add pictures to an existing library.
  Option to remove pictures from an existing library.

 New in Mazaika v.2.3

  Option to stretch tiles.
  Option to
use flipped tiles.
  Right click popup menu to
open/view original tile image.
Right click popup to show supposed candidates for current cell.
  Option to use faster open/resize algorithm for jpeg files.
Batch mosaic process for all images in the folder.

 New in Mazaika v.2.1

1 - Forced library option. I.e. option to place all tiles from the specific library into mosaic in the best suited position. The rest of the tiles could be rendered with tiles from the other collections.

2 - Context help system added.

 New in Mazaika v.2.0

1 - It's 20 times faster than Mazaika v.1.x.

2 - It could not only adjust distance between images but also could count how many times any given image could be used.

3 - It could easily zoom in/out view of the mosaic. Use "Ctrl"-"+" / "Ctrl"-"-" keys.

4 - It could
blend mosaic tiles with the original image. I.e. modify tiles according it's place in the mosaic. Sometimes it could be the only way to make good mosaic.

5,6,7... Use only selected area of the source image for mosaic;
          . Render and save only selected area of mosaic;
          . Render in "random" order;
          . TWAIN scanner support for source images;
          . Custom sampling resolution;
          . Add borders and grid lines to the saved mosaic;
          . Save mosaic as a sequence of images;
          . Save mosaic as clickable html table; Etc...

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