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Multi-sized Layers Photo Jumble Mosaics

The Archangel Raphael:

The Archangel Raphael Photo Jumble was created with Photo Jumble.

The original photo was taken in Catedral Basilica de Puebla, Mexico. The main picture is a small fragment of stained glass mosaic window.

There are 2,400 image layers of three different sizes. We used Fractal Layers feature, introduced in Photo Jumble v 2.1, to assign smaller layers to the picture regions that required more details to display. Please see more info about Fractal Layers function in the Photo Jumble help.

Image layers were nor colored or blended with the original photo. All layers were rotated with Random Scale and Rotate tool. Additional Shadow effect was applied to layers. You may see more info about shadows and borders here.

The size of the mosaic is about 40 x 50 inches (100 x 125 cm) at 300 DPI. Mosaic was saved as one 500+ Mb TIF format file.

Zoom into the mosaic to see more tile details.
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